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gonesh9 04-17-04 12:11 PM

You know when you come across something new on your commute, or have a moment of revelation during an otherwise standard ride? Maybe something happend or you saw something special on your ride, making it unique?

Let me know here, and I'll add it to the zine.

For more info on the zine, see This thread

Chris L 04-17-04 07:11 PM

So last night I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go for a ride. It was a beautiful night, plenty of stars in the sky as I passed through the John Hogan rainforest. A quick glace to my left and... hang on, stars aren't supposed to be that low, nor are they supposed to have a green tinge to their light. What I had discovered was a colony of Glow Worms, on a ride I had done hundreds of times (though not that many at night). They were quite resplendent in the way they lit up the trees. I wonder if they'll be there next time I pass through?

gonesh9 04-17-04 07:15 PM

Good, good!

Let's have some more-

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