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LittleBigMan 01-26-02 05:22 PM

Modern technology
If you have the cash, or your insurance company is willing :eek:
get yourself a new heart!

Or, ride a bike...

Buddy Hayden 01-26-02 06:09 PM

I'm gonna get me one of those new Digital hearts...500 bpm !!:D

Buddy Hayden 01-26-02 06:15 PM

It also has a "on chest" display unit,LED readout, resting rate of 1 bpm , impervious to fatty foods ....:thumbup:

LittleBigMan 01-26-02 06:55 PM

I'm saving for a "whole body transplant."

Chris L 01-26-02 07:07 PM

I might get a second heart to work alongside the one I've got now. Then I could sustain a max heart rate of around 400bpm :eek:

MichaelW 01-27-02 05:53 AM

I need some eyes in the back of my head.

A F Baker 01-27-02 10:48 AM

I wouldn't mind having another butt cheek. Imagine the sounds vibrating against a third cheek!:D

LittleBigMan 01-29-02 08:40 PM


Originally posted by MichaelW
I need some eyes in the back of my head.
If it were possible...


A F Baker 01-29-02 09:09 PM

If you had eyes in the back of your head, you'd have to have holes in the back of your helmet.

EDucator 01-30-02 05:36 PM

Hmmm, maybe I'll get a new butt as mine has a crack in it:rolleyes:

LittleBigMan 01-30-02 08:37 PM

Point is, you can't replace your body like an old car.

You've got to invest in it daily. (People my age are more and more acutely aware of this fact.)

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