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diamondback 01-28-02 08:03 AM

I'm sooo weak!
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I saw this bike on clearance and had to buy it. Maybe if I took up smoking at least I'd get change back.
PS:link to my bike photos also

fubar5 01-28-02 08:06 AM


Richard D 01-28-02 08:42 AM

Nice looking bike :)


Rich 01-28-02 08:42 AM

Nice bike Diamondback!!! :)

What groupset is it dressed in?


diamondback 01-28-02 09:04 AM

This is my alternating commuter. It was only $349 new. Sora equipped with an aluminum frame.

Pros: Great Price, aero rims, aluminum frame, Sora(at this price), good colors, just plain works good.

Cons: brake pads are mush (easily replaced), seat a little stiff (replaced it with a softer one I had yesterday.)

Bottom line: daily driver, charity rider, Iron Horse built a good bike and this one is $250 under priced, comparable bikes Trek 1000 and Giant OCR3.

(I saw a entry level lemond all Sora equipped for $999, wasn't sure if they were charging for the name or the frame, or maybe they have a big light bill. Good bike but under equipped for the price, be like paying 50K for a mercedes with a 4 banger, no air, and roll down windows)

RonH 01-28-02 05:40 PM

Nice looking bike!! :thumbup:
I saw your commuter on the yahoo website. Where are your panniers and lights? ;)

diamondback 01-29-02 08:33 AM

I don't ride after dark and working at a HS I wouldn't wanna get beat up for being a geek or whatever it is they call people like me.

PS: put the mountain tires back on the bike and dropped 2-4mph in speed.

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