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trg 01-28-02 09:36 PM

Looking for MTB magazine titles
Here in Malaysia I can get 4 mountain bike magazines.

Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike Action
Australian Mountain Bike

My mother is visiting next week from Toronto, and I was thinking of asking her to pick up a magazine for me.

Out of all the above mentioned, I found Australian Mountain Bike to be the most enjoyable read for me.

I am 37, and appreciate serious or semi-serious articles. In most of the mags i get here, the writing doesn't appeal to me.

Just wondering if any of you could suggest a title or two that my mom could look out for, something that would be available at one of those big book stores like chapters or Indigo (if they are still around?)

My interests are XC, but enjoy a sprinkling of other things too.

Thanks for any input.


Dirtgrinder 01-28-02 10:31 PM

You might try Dirt Rag Magazine or Bike. They are the only ones I can think of that you didn't mention. Good Luck, DG

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