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Campag Fetish Boy 01-29-02 12:25 PM

What Chain Do You Use?
I use a SRAM PC59. I've used SRAM/Sachs/Sedis Chains for over half of my 24 years. I had loads of hassle with Shimano UG and HG chains when I first started racing and friends advised using Sedis (as they were know in those days) chains. I got their cheapest one at a price of 4.50 and found it outperformed my previous Shimano one at 15.99

fubar5 01-29-02 01:39 PM

NONE!!! I coast down hills.:D

JonR 01-29-02 03:45 PM


Originally posted by fubar5
NONE!!! I coast down hills.:D
Yeah, and you get your parents to drive you to the top again, don't you? :p

I've had nothing but good luck with Sedis chains, whatever they're called now. No plans to change. Inexpensive and durable! At least for commuting.

fubar5 01-29-02 03:58 PM


Originally posted by JonR

Yeah, and you get your parents to drive you to the top again, don't you? :p

Tarnation!! How'd you figur dat out stranger???

velocipedio 01-29-02 06:14 PM

Campy C10. Not much choice there.

John E 01-29-02 08:37 PM

For everyone except you Campy 10-speeders, I recommend SRAM chains. I use them exclusively.

Richard D 01-30-02 04:42 AM

SRAM PC*9 (low - to mid range), after the stock chain failed badly...


gmason 01-30-02 06:35 AM

I just bought a bunch of PC59-R chains from Price Point for $18.95 each. Is that a fairly good price for them? I was in the U.S. anyway, so thought I would snatch them just in case.


toolfreak 01-30-02 09:59 AM

I think some of you wil curse me for this; I use only HG chains, because our japanese friends really understand how i like smooth shifting! :p

Yes; i did try SRAM and Sachs.
No; i didn`t like them.
Yes; i think Shimano makes superB products.
No; i don`t like the policy of Shimano regarding the cyclingworld.

MichaelW 01-30-02 10:49 AM

I use Sachs on my Campy 8 speed and mongrel 7 speed systems.

Does anyone use Rohloff chains? Do they last any longer or work better ?

Louis 01-30-02 11:35 AM

I used Sedis for years and was more than satisfied. After they became unavailable I tried whatever I could get, with mixed results (Shimano, Sachs).

I never have tried Rohloff.

Now that we have SRAM I am happy once again.

Did someone say SRAM is made by the old Sedis people?

I'm confused. :rolleyes:

MichaelW 01-30-02 11:38 AM

SRAM and sedis are the same now.

Louis 01-30-02 11:43 AM

Thanks Michael, now it all makes perfect sense. :)

gmason 01-31-02 04:40 AM

SRAM bought Sedis (who supposedly used to make Campa's chains) and Sachs (where at least some of their hub technology comes from), and ... ?

Not bad for a company that started with six employees in 1987.


JonR 01-31-02 05:45 PM


Originally posted by gmason
Not bad for a company that started with six employees in 1987.

Reminds me of...shudder...Microsoft. :eek:

gmason 02-01-02 02:23 AM

I absolutely agree, and second the shudder. Lately, unfortunately, Adobe seems to be emulating them as well. Glad I am almost retired from this business. :)


Buddy Hayden 02-01-02 02:50 AM

I've been running Shimano cn-7700(dura-ace) chains on both my mtb's and road bikes for awhile now and I NEVER have a problem !! .....during this weeks( 01-28-02 ...02-01-02) repairs at work I have replaced 3 KMC chains : 2 of them had twisted links, .. and 1 of them was snapped !. 1 Campy C10 .. snapped !, and a bunch of the usual worn out beyond belief !!..mix of stuff from Sach's to Shimano .... my tip If you run a Shimano cass or cluster .. Ig or Hg or Ug , then run the appropiate chain accordingly for best shifting results . Mix and trying to match, dose not yield the best results in most results .. if it works for you and you are happy ...then stick with it !!

gmason 02-24-02 02:09 AM

And now SRAM has bought RockShox - getting bigger all the time.


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