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chico1st 04-05-09 11:23 AM

25 tubes for 28 tires?
I have tube of size 23-25, can I use them in my size 28 tires?

chicbicyclist 04-05-09 12:08 PM

Are those mm or inches?

IIRC, tubes don't have to be exactly the same size as your tires, so long as it is very close is what my bike mechanic told me. They expand so a slighlty smaller tube should accommodate a larger one adequately.

pacificaslim 04-05-09 12:44 PM

If you mean 700c25mm tubes in 700c28mm tires, then sure it works fine. That's what I have. Similarly, I have 28mm tubes in my 32mm cross tires.

thenomad 04-05-09 12:57 PM

if the TUBE says it is for a certain size range don't you think there's a reason for it?

You can buy certain tubes that have a larger range - 23-28 and others that have a smaller range 23-25. Don't you think the elasticity of the tube factors into it?

I suggest to go spend $3 an get a new tube if you need to ask the question.

bcarter6 04-05-09 01:04 PM

It will be just fine. I'm running a 20/25 tube in my 28s now with no problems.

Marlin 04-05-09 01:47 PM

I have always tried to use a tube with a slightly smaller size range than the tire. They make it somewhat easier to mount the tire, (take up slightly less room,) and I have never had a problem.

Velo Dog 04-05-09 03:02 PM

We have 11 bikes in the family with tires from 700x23 to 700x41 and 26x1.25 to 26x2.4. For at least 15 years, I've routinely used nothing but 700x25 and 26x1.5 tubes. Never had a problem. They're rubber; they stretch.

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