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Chris L 02-01-02 10:22 PM

Happy birthday Geraldine!
Okay, so you're probably all wondering why anybody would get excited over the birthday of somebody who was banned with just one post to their name, right?

The answer is here, the original spam thread. I don't know what happened to the image Joe posted, but if you read through, you get the idea.

It just reminds me that we haven't had a totally pointless thread for a while (except for that police guy, and he got pulled).

LittleBigMan 02-01-02 10:50 PM



They have a similar taste. Like...salty fat...


Buddy Hayden 02-02-02 04:34 AM

Aww, that was some fun, reading thru the history pages of 100 things to do with SPAM, I'm feelin' all nostalgic now.....:rolleyes:

Buddy Hayden 02-02-02 04:39 AM

They have a similar taste. Like...salty fat...
(Homer Simpson).... Mmmm .. salty fat........ = SPAM !

Steele-Bike 02-02-02 07:53 AM

I joined up with Bike Forums just as that thread was ending...too bad I missed out. On the other hand, there is nothing better than a piping hot, fresh loaf of SPAM. Mmmmmm!!! (Is the SPAM shape considered a "loaf"?)

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