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Mizuma 05-11-09 03:17 PM

New to Cycling - Need to Buy
I am moving to Vancouver very soon and will be living close to Stanley Park. I would like to start biking to enjoy the scenery but do not want to invest $1000 right away on a new bike. When I look at bike shops, they all seem very expensive... any suggestions on how best to approach this and what kind of shop should I be looking for.


KungPaoSchwinn 05-11-09 05:27 PM

I had the same agenda last september,bought a $165 Schwinn from Wallyworld,put over 500 miles in 3 months,got rid of it and bought a Trek in December,i just wanted to learn the rope before i laid down that $695 for the Trek, unless you know what to do with the first cheaper bike, i would spend money on a good one.

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