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JusticeZero 05-12-09 09:05 AM

Best position for long bar-ends?
I'm sure this has come up before, but I didn't see it recently..
My freighter (Xtracycled old Schwinn) has some bars with a 3" rise to bring them level with the seat; I usually ride pretty upright for utility/light commuting. I put long bar ends on to give more hand positions, as a single position is torture even with Ergons. The top position feels awkward somehow, as does the side position, but i'm not sure how to describe it.. the top position doesn't seem moved far, and the angle just seems odd with the bend in the bars turning them back toward me and widening my elbows. They're more forward than up right now, at about 30 degrees. Where should they be turned?

rbrian 05-13-09 08:45 AM

Line them up with the top of your back tyre, or inline with your stem. This will get you in the ballpark, then adjust from there until you are comfortable.

frankenmike 05-13-09 11:02 AM

I use perpendicular to my forearms as a starting point.

barney stinson 05-13-09 03:04 PM



GTALuigi 05-13-09 03:31 PM

i'm using this,

it gives you the most natural feel to it, it's not still straight, like the other aero designs.

JusticeZero 05-14-09 04:02 PM

Huh? Bar ends, not aerobars. I might someday put aerobars on, but I haven't yet.

bmorey 05-15-09 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by frankenmike (Post 8910679)
I use perpendicular to my forearms as a starting point.

I agree - mine have ended up like that. I read in an earlier post herein that that a position that kept your wrists straight was good. It wasn't for me -- no different to on-the-bars position. I find you want something quite different to give you some relief from numbness and a bit of stretch. Perpendicular to forearms does that. I tried a different postion over three or four rides to get to that. I haven't been so much troubled with sore wrists and numbness since getting bar-ends. Not entirely eliminated but a great improvement.

Jay D 05-16-09 12:34 AM

Whatever you do, don't have them pointed straight up! Once in awhile I see a bike like that I cannot imagine how anybody can ride it like that!

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