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liferbiker 05-12-09 07:34 PM

Need advice on which bike for back problem
I have ridden a road bike for several years. I was in an accident awhile back and can no longer ride a road bike comfortably. I have no desire to ride off road, but need something that allows me to ride in a more upright position. My problem is I like to go fast. The mountain bike and hybrid I tried are nice bikes, but seem to be heavy and slow. Does anyone know a way to convert my road bike, if possible, or have a suggestion as to an alternative.

bokes 05-13-09 02:00 AM

I've had back problems too, had surgery after getting whacked by a car.
I'd suggest trying to get your handlebars a bit higher by using a steeper stem or by using a steering tube extender. Or you could get a sport touring frame (road bike frame with more relaxed position and relaxed steering), that comes with an uncut steering tube. then you can get the bars as high as you want. The Salsa Casseroll has a long headtube, so you can get the bars pretty high without needing a big stack of headset spacers. Great frame, has a nice smooth steel ride.

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