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LionsHeart 05-17-09 10:33 PM

Old Spokes and hubs on new rims??
is it possible to reuse spokes on new rims?

tatfiend 05-17-09 10:44 PM

Old hubs usually ok to reuse. Spokes probably a poor idea for two reasons.

First: Unless the old and new rims are identical make and model you will probably need different length spokes for the new rim.

Second: Spokes are a highly stressed item and subject to fatigue failure. Reusing used spokes unless you know their mileage and use history is risking spoke failures. If you damaged a rim and need to replace it some of the spokes may have been overstressed. If the rim is worn out due to brake path wear or rim cracking then the spokes are high mileage enough so worth replacing IMO.

LionsHeart 05-17-09 10:45 PM

:D:D:DMuch Appreciated!

Jeff Wills 05-17-09 10:45 PM


Originally Posted by LionsHeart (Post 8936661)
is it possible to reuse spokes on new rims?

I've done that many times. As long as the spokes are in the same place (inside the flange, outside the flange) there's no problem. Lace up the wheel, fully tension the spokes, and go ride.

(I've been building wheels for nearly 30 years. YMMV.)

Panthers007 05-17-09 11:58 PM

I, just I, wouldn't reuse spokes. They've done their job and were stressed to conform to the old hub & rim. And I'm not broke - so I can afford new ones for my builds. But...

I recently retired a set of wheels from 1983. Mavic Module E2 rims, DT straight-gauge 14 spokes, ad Campagnolo Nuovo-Record hubs. All from '83 with uncounted miles & miles on them. The rims were pretty shot, so I wouldn't consider reuse there! The spokes were okay - I was able to unscrew them from the nipples and cleanly disassemble the wheels. As for the Campy Record hubs - I overhauled, with a thorough cleaning, and put fresh bearings in them. Polished them with Simichrome (Germany) metal-polish. And they looked like pretty close to new again.

Campy hubs don't fade away. They maintain their integrity through the decades. If you have some - maintain them with love! They are still my favorites and I'll be reusing them in a future build.

Good Luck!

prathmann 05-18-09 12:39 AM

I've done this before a few times and it worked fine. As mentioned, make sure the ERD of the new rim is just about the same as the old so the spoke lengths will be the same. If keeping the old hub, then one way is to temporarily tape the new rim to the old and transfer the spokes over one at a time which will keep the lacing the same and minimize confusion.

wahoonc 05-18-09 03:07 AM

Hub definitely, spokes and rims maybe, depending on the age and condition. FWIW a whole set of spokes should run less than a dollar a spoke, around 2/3rds of that if you buy them in bulk, cheap insurance. I have reused old rims and spokes, but I knew the history of them.


eddy m 05-18-09 07:24 AM

Jobst Brandt recommends reusing spokes. A properly stress relieved spoke has a much longer life than any rim, so if your spokes have been reliable for any length of time they will probably outlast the new rim and another one as well. OTOH new spokes may or may not be adequately stress relieved, and there's no sure way to tell.
If you have been breaking spokes, or if the wheels didn't stay true, replace the spokes. Otherwise, reuse them if you can find a rim that fits.


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