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Inertianinja 05-18-09 07:57 AM

Security Torx bolts - anyone use these?
after finally making my bike purchase, i'm looking into security now.
I live in NYC, and despite all the locking strategies I've seen, i have NEVER seen a "nice" bike locked up. they're always spray-paintes, rusty beaters. Still, i'd like to be able to stop and run into a store if i need to.

So, from my car monkey-ing days, i thought of these:

Security Torx bolts. they require a special bolt to turn them at all, and since they're generally used for cars, thieves are probably not going to have them.

This is the website i ganked the image from:

does anyone know the correct thread/size to use for a seat post?

Metzinger 05-18-09 08:16 AM

I've driven literally thousands of screws with a head like that when installing steel security storm doors. It's true that the drivers are not found everywhere, but I suspect finding the right thread pitch might be difficult.

Another option is to tap a bit of lead shot into the hex hole of the existing bolt. You could do this to the bolts holding all the components on your bike, if you wished. We did this to the square drive (Robertson) screws we used to fasten window bars. It took a special technique to extract the lead from screws that needed to be removed. I never saw a lead filled screw successfully removed by a would-be intruder.

Snowsurfer 05-18-09 09:31 AM

Interesting, but those are more easily compromised than other security measures.

Have you looked into Pitlocks? They are FAR more secure compared to those for your seat. They also offer brake locks too to prevent your bike being stripped of its components.


geo8rge 05-18-09 09:40 AM

Take the seat post with your where ever your go.

HandsomeRyan 05-18-09 09:48 AM

You can get the drivers to remove those screws for about $4 [on sale] from Harbor Freight. It may deter a crime of opportunity but it will do little to thwart someone if you regularly park in the same place.

enine 05-23-09 07:46 PM

That picture is actually security hex, a security torx will look like a normal torx with the pin in the center also.
The bits can be bought at lowes and home depot now so they are not much additional security.
The cheap security hex and torx I've found I can snap the pin out with a leatherman.

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