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aquateen 05-18-09 03:24 PM

Pedicab Drivers (Bicycle Taxis)?
I have no idea where to post this but I found a Craigslist ad looking for part time Pedicab (bicycle taxi) drivers for the summer here in DC. I am a teacher and have the summer off and have been looking for something fun to do. I figure this might also be great century training for me too! Anyone have experience with this?

hotbike 05-19-09 09:46 AM

I haven't done it myself, but I hear it's great.

You'd be outside riding a bicycle anyway, now you're getting paid to exercise .

Some links:
(German Manufacturer of pedicabs)
(New York City pedicab owners association)

noglider 05-19-09 02:36 PM

I wish I could do that. I'd do it in a heartbeat. The streets of midtown Manhattan are nearly jammed with these things lately, and it warms my heart.

But I have a big mortgage and a kid in college and another going to start college in a year. So I can't see giving up my income stream to have this kind of fun.

tatfiend 05-19-09 03:30 PM

Summer in DC, HOT & HUMID:eek:, not my idea of ideal biking conditions.

As a pedicab driver are you even allowed to sweat? After all that might offend the passengers.:rolleyes: How do you carry adequate fluids too, a CamelBak?

noglider 05-19-09 04:14 PM

I'd rather pedal and sweat outside than be hot inside. Seriously. Besides, you get used to it. I spent two summers as a bike mechanic outside on the sidewalk in Manhattan. Not only did I sweat, I got sooty. The water that rinsed off me in the shower was BLACK.

HandsomeRyan 05-20-09 05:11 AM

I'm moving to DC in a month and need to look for a job. This does sound fun but likely doesn't pay well enough to afford my current lifestyle.

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