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Fugazi Dave 06-06-04 09:02 PM

Less massive aggressive-style helmets
So I picked up a 661 Dirt Lid last time I ordered some gear. It was cheap, I figured I could use an alternative helmet. It looks cool, it fits well, but when it's on me it looks friggin ridiculous. I'm 5'7" and fairly small overall, and I look like a first grader with one of those huge kids helmets on when I'm wearing it. I feel like I should be going into battle or something.

And so I now find myself wanting a helmet of a similar style (that is dirt jump/aggressive skate style), only slightly less massive so as to avoid looking like a total fool in the thing. Any suggestions?

The dirt lid is free to anyone in Chicago who wants to come get it.

Bruce in Texas 06-07-04 01:02 PM

Look at Go helmets and checkout the Catlike helmet. It is not large will not give you a mushroom head look. They fit more like a regular cap.

forum*rider 06-07-04 04:49 PM

Giro E2/Xen have the more aggressive styling.

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