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mrdoright0405 06-10-04 03:55 PM

How many miles do you ride per day, week, year?

Me? 5- 10 miles per day, 20- 30 miles per week. For me? havent been riding a year yet. So far 270 miles. :)

SanDiegoSteve 06-10-04 04:01 PM


I try to get in lunch rides 3 times a week (more is impractical with work). If I've been good, I can get out for a long ride on the weekends.

I feel pretty happy as long as I am getting rides in. If I do less than 150/month I feel like I should be doing more. In the summer that is more like 200 since there is more sun.


Trek Rider 06-10-04 04:01 PM

Form now until cold weather sets in again, my goal is 160-200 per week.

timmhaan 06-10-04 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by mrdoright0405
How many miles do you ride per day, week, year?

Me? 5- 10 miles per day, 20- 30 miles per week. For me? havent been riding a year yet. So far 270 miles. :)

everyother day: 30ish
week: 100-120
year: i'll tell you in about 5 more months. that's our 1 yr. anniversary (my bike and me :) )

BigFloppyLlama 06-10-04 04:16 PM

20-50 a day
200-350 a week

But I'm on goal for about 6700 miles for the year (6/24/03-6/24/04) Not too bad for my first year of riding, but I'd like to hit 9-10k this year.

oldspark 06-10-04 05:03 PM

I try to ride about 5 to 6 hrs per week, sometimes on the road bike some on the mountain bike so mileage varies. Love having the option of two bikes and on this amount my legs and lungs are starting to come around.

Avalanche325 06-10-04 05:30 PM

80 - 100 miles per week.

jqnj 06-10-04 05:51 PM

150 a week until I force an at-home vacation upon myself. I will do 150 a weekend when my daughter is a year old(seven months from now. In the meantme, its 150 trips to the garbage can...diaper-o-rama.)

forum*rider 06-10-04 05:53 PM

10miles a day m-f. Thats 50 miles. THen on Saturday I go out and ride about 25. And on sunday I'll go and just ride until im exhausted, usually about 40miles.

so, about 115 miles a week.

dobber 06-10-04 06:14 PM

20 miles a day for the work commute. Another 10-20 miles in the evening. Maybe a 40 or 50 miler on Saturday or Sunday, with a 5-10 mile recovery ride on the other.

So somewhere between 200-250 miles. Maybe 4000-5000 for the 6-7 months of riding season.

Paul L. 06-10-04 06:21 PM

40 miles a day,
200 - 240 a week
Don't know where I am going to end the year at. I had over 6000 last year.

Oak Park Biker 06-10-04 06:29 PM

220 - 265 per week.

shaq-d 06-10-04 07:00 PM

started in april, 500km; may, 600km; this month, aiming for 800km. i wanna do 1000km a month by july, and then consistently do that..


sorebutt 06-10-04 07:13 PM

100 a week, all during the weekend..
typically 60 Saturday and 40 Sunday

Portis 06-10-04 07:43 PM

20 + every morning on Mountain bike and country roads. Then I shower, shave and go to work.

Grampy™ 06-10-04 08:13 PM

Somewhere around a 150 mi./week. Vacation weeks 3-400.

Chris L 06-10-04 09:37 PM

From memory I'm closing on on my 10,000th km for the year thus far. I'm quite happy with that.

Red Baron 06-10-04 09:42 PM

100 a week, spread out over 3-4 days. I'm about 1050 total YTD. Goal for year is 2004, but will probably get in 3K (miles).

SSP 06-10-04 11:56 PM

So far this year (per my CycliStats program ):

For all bikes: 62 rides, 1,639.8 miles, 101:38:48 time, 16.132 mph avg, 76,135 calories burned (=21.8 lbs of fat), 81,362 feet climbed.

Monthly average: 307.92 miles
Weekly average: 70.86 miles
Daily average: 10.12 miles

And, yes, I love numbers and I'm OK with that! :-)

steveknight 06-11-04 12:06 AM

19 miles a day five days a week. sometimes a few miles on the weekends.

chewa 06-11-04 08:03 AM

Normally 100 - 125 miles commuting a week, rides at weekend. Just back from a 400 mile week long tour in Belgium, Northern France and at 3200 miles for the year so far.

On that basis hope to do 6 - 7000 miles this year (only did about 5000 last year)

kerny 06-11-04 08:16 AM

150-200 a week...pretty good considering the crappy weather we've been having.


shokhead 06-11-04 08:24 AM

90-100 a week,5 days

bradw 06-11-04 08:33 AM

In good weather I've been doing 100-130 miles a week. Had a couple weeks at 170-200 miles.

When the really cold weather hits (Late December into February) I'll cut way back or stop all together. I tend to get sinus infections that time of year.

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