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redmonkey 06-03-09 03:55 AM

My wife fell off her bicycle and fractured her knee. She will need a soft cast for the next six weeks.
Does anyone know of a brand of kneepads that she could ride with once she's OK? They would have to be light and comfortable, yet offer some kind of protection if God forbids she falls again.


JonathanGennick 06-03-09 05:24 AM

Interesting problem. I'd be tempted to walk into a shop that sells rollerblading gear, to see what they might have. Not sure of the brand, but somewhere buried in my basement is a set of kneepads that I used to while rollerblading, and I remember them being fairly comfortable.

A skateboard shop might sell similar gear.

CCrew 06-03-09 05:52 AM

Look at SixSixOne or Rockgardn .. basically downhill bike armor. Made to be used on a bike.

Shifty 06-08-09 09:15 AM

These knee pads are designed for telemark skiing, so they offer great flexibility and movement and protection of the knee. They are also low bulk and profile so she won't look like a football player.
Another advantage for you, it's the skiing off season, so on sale now.

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