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joeprim 06-11-04 10:35 AM

This past weekend I did it - did an MS150 I even did an extra ~10 miles - missed a turn. It felt great to go that far. It was from Richmond Va. to Williamsburg Va. It was a very nice ride and the weather was great. Ok so I didn't finish very high it the pack, but I had a good time and raised some $$ for a good cause.


spazegun2213 06-11-04 03:51 PM

CONGRATS! thats a long ride, how did your bike treat you?

Avalanche325 06-11-04 03:58 PM

Way to go!!!!

joeprim 06-11-04 05:19 PM


Originally Posted by spazegun2213
CONGRATS! thats a long ride, how did your bike treat you?

Thanks Ross. Actually it was pretty good. My knees and legs where they rubbed the seat were getting tired, but other than that just fine. It did occur to me that real road tires rather than the 32x700mm that the Volpe comes with would be good for this kind of ride. Maybe another set of wheels with 23x700 for long pavement only trips. Since I live on a dirt road I would keep the original for local riding.

There's another one in late Septrmber, but you will probably be back there by then. Oh how about a wine country tour in July? Would you like to come?


spazegun2213 06-11-04 07:31 PM

sounds cool and i can pass for 21 ;) do you have any info on that?

Also, those 23's are overated, because they dont do, dirt, gravel, mud, etc they do road, and hopfuly flat road too ;)


joeprim 06-13-04 06:27 AM

Thanks Avalanche325

What size tires are you guys using?


spazegun2213 06-14-04 07:25 AM

23's ;)

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