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Sinister1 06-04-09 05:10 PM

Old bike upgrades / repairs
Hi guys,

New member here and new cycling enthusiast. I'm saving up to get a road bike in the next few months (wife won't let me buy it right now because I already spent alot this year on a mac and some other toys). So in the mean time, I decided to start riding my current mountain bike. Its an old bike probably 6 years old. I don't even remember where I bought it but it has the stickers "MGX" on it LOL. Anyway, the bike is still in good condition. However, I think the front forks/shocks are shot. Are they pretty universal where I can buy new fork/shocks and just replace the old one? I wanted to change the front rim and install quick release too so I can mount it on the truck but apparently I have to buy a new rim because the hubs are ancient. :roflmao2: Thanks for any assistance. I'm rather embarrrased to take it to a bike shop so I'd rather do the upgrades/repairs myself. :lol:

Esteban32696 06-04-09 05:26 PM

I sounds like it is a cheaper Mongoose MGX bike. Not worth spending much money on. You should read this before doing anything.

SaladShooter 06-04-09 05:29 PM

Burn it with fire.

That's a department store bike, I actually taco-ed a wheel on one of those doing a bunny hop over a 2x4. Craigslist is your friend. How tall are you? I have a Schwinn sitting in the basement right now I'd sell on the cheap, but it's tiny.

JanMM 06-04-09 07:00 PM

You don't need quick-release hubs to mount it on your truck but you may need a wrench or a pair of pliers.

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