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chadlewis76 06-14-04 11:36 AM

New bike for my little bro
During an eight mile ride with my younger brother this weekend, he took a little spill trying to come around a corner too fast. Nothing major, he didn't hurt himself at all. The bike didn't colide with anything, it just skidded sideways, but the front wheel looks like it went head on with a car. I attribute this to the fact that it's a *mart bike, and I'm now in the process of trying to convince our parents to get him a decent bike from the LBS for his upcoming birthday (July 4).

The problem is that they've probably never spent more than $150 on a bike, and they consider that a lot. They pretty much told me out right that there's no way they're going to spend $300 on a bike for him, which I'm thinking is about the minimum for a decent bike. There's also no way they'd ever consider buying a used bike.

The question is this; what's the cheapest get-around-town bike you know of? Some kind of cross-terrain style of bike would probably be best, I'm guessing. My brother is turning 14 this year, but he's 6'1" already, and probably going to grow at least an inch or two more.

Is there any hope at all of finding a decent new bike for around $200?

GeorgiaBlue 06-14-04 11:56 AM

why not take the $150 from your folks, and chip in $150 - then get him a $300 bike like you want him to have. I learned a long time ago to buy quality gifts for my family - it'll mean that much more to them.

khuon 06-14-04 12:02 PM

Have you looked at used bikes? How much do you yourself know about bikes? You may be able to find something online/eBay for $200 but only do that if you know what you're doing. Also, since he's still growing, you will probably have to end up selling the bike in a couple of years anyways so getting one that has a certain amount of resale value only makes sense. Throw out the economic argument. Pay $150 now for a Wally World bike and only recoup at most $20 for it two years down the line (assuming it's still in decent shape later) or spend $300 now and recoup $100 later? Even a used $200 high quality bike can be resold for $100 assuming you don't beat it up too much in the next couple of years.

DanFromDetroit 06-14-04 12:25 PM

The Bianchi Rollo $269
Trek 820 about $250
Kona Smoke $350
K2 Zed $239 from REI (See other K2 bikes on closeout)


chadlewis76 06-14-04 12:53 PM

That Trek looks perfect. I figure I'll probably toss $100 towards it if they get something decent like that. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, keep 'em coming.

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