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tkm 06-11-09 12:27 AM

Flatbar road/bikepath bike - need suggestions
(alos posted in the road forum, but this is probably a better place)

I have a 2002 Trek 2300 frameset that I picked up for a good deal (was a floor model with hardly any use) and I'd like to build something a little different.

I sometimes ride with folks that do a 'C-D' pace and I get a bit bored on my Madone. Also, it'll be a family bikepath bike.

So with that said, I was looking at building the 2300 frame into something with a flatbar on it. I probably don't need a full double on the front, so what's your recommendation for a single crank that'll work with a 9 or 10 speed cassette?

Should I do mountain components, such as Shimano XT shifter and XT rear derailleur and a 9-speed cassette with something like an 11-32?

I suppose I could always build as a normal road bike only with mountain shifters on the flatbar, but I wanted to do something a little different without trying to make it into a fixed gear. I still want to coast as I will also be riding it with the family on the bikepath, too.

Or, I could always just do a normal double up front, but I really didn't see the need for the extra gears. But if it is cheaper/easier, then I could be convinced.

Suggestions? Any better ideas for the frame/intended usage?

For my 'bike path' trips, I've been riding my 29er with a less-aggressive 700x38 tire on it, and that works ok. But I'd really like something lighter and a bit smoother rolling. Also, I'd like to keep my mountain bike dedicated to trails.

cs1 06-11-09 03:35 AM

Sounds like a good project. Shimano makes a nice set of flat bar shifters. Go for it an good luck.

Retro Grouch 06-11-09 07:43 AM

I love doing projects like this. Generally, when I do them, I try to minimize my out-of-pocket cost by using, as much as possible, stuff that I already have on hand.

I'd be for trying just the middle chainring on a triple crank and bottom bracket. That should yield a straight chainline with the middle of the cassette. I'm thinking that chainline is going to be important or, with no front derailleur, you might derail the chainring when you're in either extreme cassette cog.

If you want to go for a "different look" there are a gazillion handlebars with different bends. They'll drove your choice of shifters and brake levers because some are designed for road components and some for flat bar components.

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