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waterboy 06-16-04 09:24 AM

Discovery Channel New sponsor for LA/USPS Team
Just heard Discovery Channel picked up sponsorship for USPS team for three years. Does anyone know what the contract length is for OLN to air the TdF? Wondering if Discovery Channel will be the new place to catch some cycling.....

DieselDan 06-16-04 08:30 PM

My understanding is the US broadcast rights for the TdF is awarded on a year to year basis. I'm wondering about OLN's associate sponsership of the current USPS team.

fore 06-16-04 10:59 PM

the discovery channel has no intention to broadcast any racing. they're going to use lance to promote shows on their various channels around the world.

OLN is staying on as a cosponsor, no real conflict of interest.

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