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mike 02-10-02 08:52 AM

Has anyone tried a solar-powered battery charger?
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I have seen this solar-powered battery charger offered by Campmor.

I am wondering if it is worth bringing on a tour.

Has anybody ever tried one of these? Does it work well? Is it practical?

Steele-Bike 02-10-02 09:51 AM

I like the idea of those, too. But, I have not heard any feedback on them. So, I am eager to hear what anyone has to say.

I do have a solar powered light in the backyard that works on the same principle. I runs off 2 NiMH AA's which power 2 LED's. The light is pretty dim by morning, but it seems to recharge well. Obviously it works much better with the summer sun, but even the winter sun keeps it running all night.

aerobat 02-10-02 11:09 AM

Mike, I havn't tried that particular system, but I had a student once who ran his aircraft radio off a solar cell, which kept the radio's battery continuously charged, and it worked quite well.

The only time he ran into a problem was in the colder temperatures(down to -18 C.), when it sat out all night. Bringing the battery in overnight solved that.

LittleBigMan 02-10-02 11:27 AM


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