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Scheherezade 07-02-09 12:24 PM

Something a bit wrong with this bike

Saw this picture here:

At least she's pretty.

xtrajack 07-02-09 12:28 PM

Took a minute to notice---I'm such a guy.

MMACH 5 07-02-09 12:44 PM

LOL - Wal-Mart's crack staff assembled that one.

But, yea, it took me a minute also.

chipcom 07-02-09 12:49 PM

Oh man, that's forked up

GeoLes 07-02-09 12:54 PM

Steering is twisted all the way backwards is all. All y ou have to do is return the bars to the front position again. Took a while to notice it though - Hey. I was distracted.

Panthers007 07-02-09 03:31 PM

Oh my! What bike?

daven1986 07-02-09 03:57 PM

oh lol the fork, I was looking at the saddle!

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