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lreaton 07-02-09 06:29 PM

CC-6000 Computer Problem
My CC-6000 was working fine but I took it off the bike when I parked it. When I came back and put it back on to the bike, the MPH, MAXS, Distance quit working. The timer was the only thing that was working. Could this be a sign of a weak battery? Or what else would have caused this?

RonH 07-02-09 07:30 PM

Probably weak battery or dirty contacts on the computer or mount. Dirty contacts can be cleaned with a pencil eraser.

Cyclaholic 07-02-09 07:49 PM

Not limited to that particular model, the common issues I've had with computers are:

Dead/weak battery in display unit

Dead/weak battery in sender unit on wireless models

Improper seating of the display unit so that it doesn't activate - there's often a little button on the back of the display unit that is depressed by a molded protrusion in the mounting bracket which permits the display unit to accept signals.

lreaton 07-03-09 06:28 AM

Thanks, I will put a new battery in and see if that does the trick. The contacts all look good. I have had this computer for well over 15 years and, although you will find this hard to believe, I have changed the battery only once! Go figure, but I love this little computer.

RonH 07-03-09 08:12 AM

15 years???? :twitchy: :eek:
It's time for a new one. :thumb:

lreaton 07-06-09 06:56 AM

New Battery Doesn't work
Well, I put a new battery in and it still does not work. Since the unit was working just fine until I removed it from the mounting while I locked up the bike, I am assuming that the contacts are not working for some reason. They are clean as a whistle, but the one in the center looks as though it is further up inside the unit than the other ones. Oh well, I guess you may be right - time for a new one. A wireless would be nice.

Thanks for the help.

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