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Stretch 06-23-04 11:37 AM

LiveStrong Wristband
I got one today, only $1. Anyone else wearing these yet?

bac 06-23-04 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by Stretch
I got one today, only $1. Anyone else wearing these yet?


I got 10, and spread them out to my cycing friends. I also gave one to my mom who is a cancer survivor. I can't think of a better way to spend $10. :)

djbowen1 06-23-04 11:51 AM

i dont need 10, can you buy 1 or 2?

Stretch 06-23-04 11:54 AM

Yeah, you can buy them one at a time. I found mine at the local bike shop, right near the cash register.

SipperPhoto 06-23-04 12:09 PM

I'm rockin' mine right now !


Crack'n'fail 06-23-04 12:15 PM

it was good to see Bobke sportin one on OLN, of course Kirsten asked about it to give it a plug. I'm going to buy some more to use as party favors for a TDF kickoff party.

J-McKech 06-23-04 01:16 PM

Mine never comes off. Everyone in the building I work at wears one. My girlfriend wears one. I've seen some movie stars sporting one. I think Kobe had one on!

travis200 06-23-04 03:09 PM

I will be wearing one when my wifes friend drops it off for me. But she keeps forgetting so I might have to pick myself up 1.

CrimsonCyclist 06-23-04 04:16 PM

I'm waiting for my batch of 10. I think the most famous athlete who is wearing one is Thierry Henry.

djbowen1 07-01-04 10:15 AM

I just ordred a 10 pack.

H_Roark 07-01-04 10:24 AM

I've got one, and want to get another for my mother, who is a cancer survivor.

tortoise 07-01-04 03:27 PM

-Got ours here, the remainder went to people at work, most of whom don't even ride. I guess that big billboard on 34th St. made an impression.

Pman 07-01-04 05:56 PM

I bought the 10 pack and passed them out to cycling folks I know. I wa amazed at how many of my son'w friends wanted on....and they aren't cyclists.

smoore 07-01-04 07:29 PM

Yep, got one on. Lots of people ask what it is. "Uh, I'm a personal friend of Lance's...he sent it to me." :)

Grampy™ 07-01-04 09:11 PM

Buy 10 and spread 'em around. I carry extras on my bikes give 'em to people that want them.

Smaug 07-01-04 09:40 PM

I got my 10 pack a couple days ago. One of them is hooked to my seatpost!

ChAnMaN 07-01-04 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by CrimsonCyclist
I'm waiting for my batch of 10. I think the most famous athlete who is wearing one is Thierry Henry.

no the most famous athlete who is wearing one is Lance..duh!

Danger_Mouse 07-02-04 11:46 PM

if you have any footlocker stores in your area they are carrying them as well. men's footlocker for mens size lady footlocker for womens and kids for kids makes sense huh? buy 1, buy 10, buy 100 :eek: wear it with pride. if you have the extra 10 bucks pass some around. i personally have never seen so many people that i know get so excited over so little. people were extatic to recive the little yellow bands cyclist or not. its all for a great cause everylittle bit helps. ;)

steveknight 07-03-04 11:01 AM
a seller who is not making a profit off of it.

raceon4 07-03-04 04:56 PM

I bought ten the first day that they came out. I have given them all out to my friends. You would be amazed at how excited people are to wear them. And the money is going to a good cause. If you can be the one to buy ten then buy ten and support the cause.

SinGate 07-03-04 05:29 PM

I have my 10 as well.
Also you can buy them online in any qty here

Raiyn 07-04-04 01:02 AM

I've got mine.

steveknight 07-04-04 01:19 AM

got mine today at foot locker. I have not checked my local bike shops yet.

TriDevil 07-04-04 01:46 PM

My brother just picked one up for me and him. So now I'm sporting it. He got them at the Galyan's Sporting Goods store.

lotek 07-04-04 06:14 PM

Been wearing them ever since they came out.
Every time someone asks me what it is (and you'd be surprized
how few people do) I give them the one I'm wearing.
(I bought alot of them).


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