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Richard_Rides 06-23-04 06:09 PM

Worlds Tallest Bike
This is cool, I want one!
Eleven Foot Tall Bike

Shroom 06-23-04 07:06 PM

"The only real problem with riding around town on this thing was stopping - you needed some type of pole or fence to hold on to while waiting for a red light."

I don't think I like the idea of that. Other than that I think it's a really sweet work of art.

DieselDan 06-23-04 07:33 PM

The "Devil", that weirdo that chases riders in the Grand Tours, is an engineer that designed and built a bike with huge wheels.

Spider 06-23-04 10:59 PM

That is cool. But having fallen off a normal sized bike, I don't want to find out what it's like to fall off one of these.

randya 06-23-04 11:35 PM

Atomic Zombie Rocks!!!

Hes' got a book out on how to build this and other bikes, too...

NZLcyclist 06-24-04 02:16 AM

I'm in awe! looks like fun!

SchreiberBike 06-24-04 09:31 AM

My favorite quote from his site "I wanted to ride the bike home that day, but now the bike is so tall that power lines would get in the way."

slvoid 06-24-04 09:35 AM

"I test rode the 11 foot tall SkyCycle from the previous photo, but that did not go very well, and ended up jumping off the bike after the chain fell off and became lodged in the rear wheel - not a pleasant experience! Because I never wanted to free fall from 11 feet up again, I decided to cut the top section from the original frame, leaving a bike that was just over eight feet tall - a good place to start. At this height, you could jump from the bike without any real threat to your health - well as long as you landed feet first."

Shroom 06-25-04 06:30 AM

A parachute would become standard equipment just like a helmet.

capsicum 06-28-04 12:08 AM

if the botom B was down in the normal position you could use stilts and there should be no problems stoping at lights.
on the other hand my dad was saying it was big when he was a kid to flip the frame of a normal bike upsidedown and put on a long seatpost and hanlebar riser. made for a 6 foot ride and some dented car roofs(their mounting/dismounting method was to use a car)

JasBike 06-29-04 08:08 AM

No helmets 0_0

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