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Hunter 06-24-04 07:15 AM

Thief Nabs Tinker Juarez's Road Bike At Gunpoint

smoore 06-24-04 11:21 AM

Unbelieveable. There is something to be said for not living and riding in major metro areas...but it's a luxury most of us don't have. Hopefully Cannondales will give him a great deal on another. Sad.

RacerX 06-24-04 11:30 AM

That is a bad area of LA where he got nabbed. It sucks but not surprising around there.

SipperPhoto 06-25-04 10:59 AM

that just plain sucks... one of the guys in my club ended up riding with Tinker a bit up Glendora Mt. Road a month or so ago... said he was a real cool guy...

and I agree with Tinker.. that guy probably got $50 for it.. maybe


Fugazi Dave 06-25-04 11:24 AM

Dude messed with Tinker. That's just not cool.

wabbit 06-25-04 07:41 PM

The funny part was the guy wobbling off... he obviously had no idea how to ride the thing or that it was worth 6000 bucks! Drugged out thieves are generally not too smart.

There was a story around here last year, a local downhiller who competes in the world cup had his bike stolen out of a truck after a race in Ste Anne (Quebec).The thing is it was a prototype. THe guys tried to sell it on the net with a different paint job. DUHHHH. That's how they got caught.

[email protected] 06-26-04 09:43 AM

That's too bad. :( Even if Cannondale does give him a new bike, I hope the police will look out for the bike and nail the guy who stole it or anyone involved. Long Beach PD has a MTB patrol unit, maybe if they look around chances of finding it are higher. They are also kinda obligated to do that. I mean, other then doing their job, they're bikers too, right ? Bikers looking out for bikers, something like that. :)

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