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Berge20 07-19-09 02:16 PM

Newb Looking at 2nd Wheels
Not sure where this best goes, so feel free to move is necessary.

Continuing to get into cycling and after several months on my ride (Surly Crosscheck) I'm considering getting a new set of wheels. Current set-up has the following (no idea if this info is needed...i'm still a newb!)
Rims/Wheels: Alex DA16
Hubs: Shimano Deore
Tires: Ritchey Speedmax Cross, 700 x 32c

Love the bike and rides well, even on pavement. However I'm spending more time on paved trails/roads than anticipated, at least for now. That's getting me looking at snagging a tire/wheel more appropriate for that and swapping them out as appropriate depending on the ride. How hard is that to do on my own, btw?

Is this something that folks normally do?
If so, any suggestions?

Currently on the heavy side at ~200lbs, but on the way down. Not looking to break the bank, but would like some level of quality as well. Still just getting into things, so doing casual rides for the moment to try and build up muscles and help get in shape. Down the road, I'll see, but likely similar unless life changes and opens up more time.

All comments/questions appreciated!

Nermal 07-19-09 06:08 PM

It's not something I would spend either the time or money on, but if the satisfaction outweights the costs, including your time and labor, go for it.

ETA, If you are going to have a spare wheel that is immediately interchangable, I suppose you are going to have to set it up with an interchangable cassette on the rear wheel. Again, I just wouldn't bother.

c_m_shooter 07-19-09 07:47 PM

Those stock wheels are just about bombproof, keep them for offroad. When I got the second wheelset for my Cross Check I just bought someone's take off wheelset that they had just upgraded. Paid $50 for them off Craigslist and picked up another cassette for about the same price. Just so you know, your new wheelset can use a 130 or 135mm rear hub it doesn't matter. I can switch between the two without any adjustments at all. The rear derailer is adjusted to clear an 11-32 cassette on my oem wheel with a 135mm hub and works just fine when I put in a 130mm hub with a 12-25 cassette.

Berge20 07-20-09 08:15 AM

Thanks for the feedback. Any more is appreciated.

Further newb question. Why do I need a new cassette? I think that I can gleam the answer from the posts, but figure best to just ask directly and learn. :)

cachehiker 07-20-09 12:46 PM

Keep the same rim width = no brake adjustments after swapping

Stick with Shimano hub & similar cassette from same mfr = no derailleur adjustments after swapping

I have a second set of wheels for a few of my bikes although my cross bike isn't one of them. I have bombproof road wheels with tough tires for training and charity rides and aero road wheels with race tires when I need that extra 0.25 mph. I have a tougher knobby set and a faster slick set for the pure xc hardtail I take traveling.

Having to swap the cassette every time you swap wheels is like having to swap the tires every time you swap wheels. After a while, you won't want to bother.

Swapping between a 12-27 cassette for dirt and a 12-25 cassette for pavement can easily be set up to work well without adjustments. Swapping between the 11-34 on the knobby set and an 11-26 on the slick set didn't work so well for me.

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