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John E 02-14-02 09:26 AM

Red Cross fundraising bike ride nears completion

I realize we have an international cast of characters here on Bikeforums, but I am inviting anyone who is going to be in or near San Diego CA on Saturday afternoon to join me in greeting Steve and Nathan as they complete their 4700-mile fundraising bike ride at Dog Beach, just south of the San Diego River. See their website,, for a map, progress reports, etc. These two intrepid adventurers left New York in October on their trusty old Schwinns.

LittleBigMan 02-14-02 08:08 PM

What a way to raise funds! :D

I hope that for those of us that can't be there, you will represent us and keep us updated...


John E 02-14-02 08:13 PM


Originally posted by Pete Clark
What a way to raise funds! :D

I hope that for those of us that can't be there, you will represent us and keep us updated...


My pleasure! I am looking forward to meeting Steve and Nathan and their very supportive family members.

John E 02-16-02 09:33 PM

A fellow SDCBC member met me at 12:45 in Old Town. We arrived early at the RedaCrossAmerica finish line banner and headed east along the north shore of the San Diego River, where we eventually were sighted (I had told them to look for my red-white-and-blue Schwinn mountain bike and my bright yellow windbreaker) by one of Steve and Nathan's relatives, who had driven out to check on their progress. When Steve and Nathan appeared, we accompanied them for the final 0.1 percent (4.5 miles) of their ride. They were greeted by COX Cable and Fox TV newscasters, a reporter for the UCSD school paper, several relatives, and several of my cycling friends. When a few local cyclists noticed the "4660 miles RedaCrossAmerica finish line" banner, I impressed them by relating a 2-minute synopis of Steve and Nathan's excellent adventure.

Steve and Nathan wanted to hang out for awhile at Dog Beach, and were not receptive to my suggestion that they emulate Forest Gump by immediately turning around and heading back to the East Coast. Give them a few days to complete their final postings, then read all about it on Good work, guys!

John E 02-18-02 06:43 PM

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Here's the "photo finish," with Steve and Nathan in their white RedaCrossAmerica tee shirts (they later graciously gave me one, as well, which I shall wear proudly). You can also see me (Schwinn mountain bike and bright yellow windbreaker) and Phil, a fellow SDCBC member and cycling advocate.

LittleBigMan 02-18-02 08:05 PM


I sure hope those guys know who they were riding with that last leg...


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