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cnapierala 07-23-09 02:03 PM

Advice on new bike
Hello, im looking at purchasing a new/ used bike and am looking for some advice.
I currently ride between 500-700 miles a year and most of its recreational on concrete, asphault or hardpacked limestone. I ride a hybrid style bike 90% of the time and also have a Mt. Bike hanging in the garage which is rarely used. I am thinking about getting a road bike over another hybrid and starting to do some more hwy. rides

Anyone have any advice (hybrid - Road bike). My budget is small so i have been looking at used bikes. I found a Trek 2100 for $600 at a used bike store im considering. I think its a 2004 model.

geo8rge 07-23-09 07:21 PM

Post your location, people may be familiar with what can be had in that area. usual advice ebay, craigslist, garage sale, trash/recycling, police auctions

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