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Dirtgrinder 02-15-02 06:03 PM

Hutchinson Tires
Well I was really down on Hutchinson tires but they have just renewed my faith in them. I had three UST Pythons and cut them all on the trails. Trails I've ridden on many times without problems from other tires. So I marked the cuts and sent two of the tires to Huchinson. After about 8 weeks without any response I had given up on ever hearing from them. Today UPS delivered two new Tech+ Tubeless Python tires! These are $55.00 tires at a local shop. Props to Hutchinson for standing by their products. I think from reviews I've read that they had some problems with their original tubeless tires, (as did other manufacturers), but the new ones they sent are the Tech+ Tubeless. Hopefully they are a tougher tire. Can't complain for free though. I guess the squeaky wheel does get the grease!:D

JonR 02-15-02 07:08 PM

Sounds like you didn't even have to squeak real loud. Good to know about a company that takes customers seriously. :beer:

John E 02-15-02 07:39 PM

With an endorsement like that, I just may have to try a pair when my gum-coloured Raptors wear out. I haven't worked with Hutchinson tyres since my Bikecology days selling and fixing Peugeot 10-speeds.

D*Alex 02-16-02 08:09 AM

I have a set of Hutchison tubulars on one of my wheelsets right now. They are the low-end versions, and I'm not really impressed with them. I'm only using them during early spring, mostly as sacrificial tyres, until the roads get swept.

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