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rykoala 07-05-04 09:40 AM

I'd rather be cycling... but instead I'm at work.
Yep. At least I got to enjoy a relatively traffic-free commute this morning. Of course, on the ONE day when there is less traffic, some arsehole driver pulls up behind me and actually has to WAIT another 4 seconds for his free right turn, so of course he lays on the horn. I was thinking "Horn broken, watch for finger" but I restrained myself.

Anybody else working today?

Shimpie 07-05-04 10:20 AM

Sigh, I'm working too. My federal holiday, under unanimous vote, was moved to the week following Christmas so that the office could take that entire week off without too much vacation time. I'm just paying for it now. I couldn't commute by bike either. I need to take the train part of the way, but public transportation doesn't float federal holidays.


timmhaan 07-05-04 10:24 AM

no, i'm just here nursing a hangover.

hair07 07-05-04 10:59 AM

i'm at work. i'd rather be riding, but this is probably better. i rode a lot this weekend and need a break. if i wasn't forced to be at work, i'd be out riding instead of resting. so alls good.

Chris L 07-05-04 09:12 PM

Yep, I'm at work right now. I'll be clocking up a few km after work tonight, however.

iceratt 07-06-04 01:02 AM

I just got home from work. I worked all weekend. I have tomorrow off to enjoy the sixth of July! Seriously, it's much better to go in on the days that you know supervisors won't show up.

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