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b1keness 07-31-09 08:18 AM

London clubs
I'm looking for a club that's newbie friendly. I've previously only commuted and done the occassional longer ride but not at a terrific pace. I don't know much about group riding. A friend has pointed me towards the London Dynamo park rides. Does anyone have any comments on the club and/or further recommendations for a starting point?

Thank you for your advice.


Northwestrider 07-31-09 10:00 AM

I've ridden with the Uxbridge Loiterers once when I had a trip to London last year. I found them to be a very friendly group. They as the name implies, are not a particularly fast paced club, but very sociable. They are not exactly downtown London, but Uxbridge which is very close, it may suit your needs. Good luck.

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