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john ransom 08-03-09 02:38 PM

Univega Supra Sport value
I have a Univega Supra Sport frame (made sometime in the 80's I think) with the headset & BB still installed. I'm curious if anyone has any idea of how much I could get for it. It's in pretty good cosmetic condition & straight as an arrow. I just don't know where to start as far as asking price.

Thanks, -john

Bianchigirll 08-10-09 11:26 AM

Hello does it have a Chromoly frame and fork? I do not remember if the Supra sport had downtube brazeons on a clamp. suprisingly it may not be worth too much as that model Univega may not be very desirable. what size? a 56/57 may bring more than a 61/63 I would start at $50 but be flexiable.

CCrew 08-10-09 11:42 AM

Might be a better question for the Classic and Vintage Forum. Allso may depend on where you live since some markets price differently. Buuuut, since that's NOT in your profile......

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