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RainmanP 02-17-02 01:58 PM

Interesting new pro team sponsorship concept
This is kind of racing oriented, but thought I'd put it here for maximum exposure. Joe, feel free to move it if you think it appropriate.

In the lates issue of Cycle Sport, Phil Liggett talks about a new Australian team with a novel sponsorship concept. Basically, anyone can join up and be part of the sponsorship. If you join as a full member for $220 Australian, about $115 US, you get a team jersey and some other benefits. I'm a sucker for innovation and novelty so I signed up. You can also join as an e-member for much less AUD30 and get email updates and some other things. Even if you don't want to join, check out The team is giving a second chance to several Linda McCartney riders who were left out in the cold when the team folded.

velo 02-17-02 02:03 PM

I've always wondered why teams didn't try this out. :confused: I think it's a great idea. We'll have to see how the team does.

Chris L 02-17-02 02:09 PM

This sort of thing has been done quite often in domestic sport in Australia (rugby league, australian rules etc). It will be interesting to see if it works at this level.

fubar5 02-17-02 04:15 PM

I posted about this team awhile back...I may sign up too.

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