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magicalpup 08-06-09 04:55 PM

Help me name new bicycle club
What would you name a bicycle club targeted toward slower or less experienced riders? I want to start one so that I have people to ride with. I was thinking maybe Tenacious Turtles Bicycle Club or Slowpokes. But maybe that's too goofy. Help.

DX-MAN 08-06-09 08:38 PM

How about the "SlowSpokes Casual Riders' Club"?

zeo_max 08-06-09 09:20 PM



Slow Step-Innergetic

Turtle Bank

Silence Slowtto

Slowlumbia HTC


Turtélo TestTeam

bengreen79 08-06-09 09:27 PM

How about the Oklahoma Laters?

GaryBy 08-06-09 09:29 PM

If it's geared to less experienced riders, what do the club members do in two years when they're experienced? Switch to a different club?

I suggest avoiding incorporating anything into the name that directly suggest beginner or for slower riders. Even if it works at first, it's self-limiting. Instead go for something like "My Town Recreational Bike Club" or "Community Cycling Club". Something that's welcoming, but also something that an experienced rider wouldn't be embarrassed to be admit membership.

Flying Merkel 08-07-09 09:45 AM

Call it "Onyerleft!"

Cuz that's what you'll be hearing a lot of.

EraserGirl 08-07-09 10:03 AM

seems to me this is a perfect occasion to implement the word 'Cruiser'
or the 'Stragglers'
instead of Sunday Drivers it could be Sunday Riders or Sunday Stragglers
Personally I would definitely join a group called the Straggle Rider's Club
also I believe 'Rose Sniffers' has been used before for this speed of cyclist.

StephenH 08-07-09 11:28 AM

The problem I have seen is not many slow riders ride in clubs and stuff, so it's too limiting.

How bout "The Noobs"?

Ka_Jun 08-07-09 11:35 AM

OTB Cycling Club

xfimpg 08-08-09 07:54 PM


(Like Molasses in Winter Cycling Club)

Seriously, how about SSCC? "Sunday Strollers Cycling Club"... some people still drive fast on Sundays.

stapfam 08-09-09 01:39 AM

We had a local Fun ride and they asked us to put a name to the team we had entered. In our Village- there used to be a mental hospital back in the 1900's so two names were suggested- The "Hellingly Cranks" and the "Hellingly Phsyco's"

We went with the Phsyco's.

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