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aljohn 08-18-09 02:36 PM

info on evans bike
I've bought a F.W.Evans Tourer de Luxe, mid 80's, frame number 851351. Evans have no records that go back that far. Does anyone have any idea exactly how old it is? Has anyone got/had one, or know of any archives that exist on old bikes? It's not obviously very important, but I'd like to know if I can.

JanMM 08-18-09 04:56 PM

You might want to try the Classic and Vintage forum.

(Have never heard of Evans bikes but what do I know?)

MichaelW 08-19-09 02:05 PM

Evans bikes were stock and custom frames built-up and sold by Evans Cycles (The Cut, Waterloo London). They were made by a variety of English framebuilders. The company is now one of the largest bikeshop multiples and its own-brand models are not custom, just very nice standard midrange bikes.
F.W.Evans founder was a bike journalist/marketeer and touring guru who pretty much invented the English Tourer (drop bars, lots of low gears, plenty of luggage braze-ons) and the bikes are quite durable.

More archive stuff here

aljohn 08-26-09 01:49 AM

Evans bikes
Thanks for the info. - what a great forum this is.

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