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mrjim59 08-19-09 08:23 AM

Paint on aluminum
Doe's paint stick to aluminum? I notice on my trek OX1 the paint rubs off everywhere the bike leans against. It is also rubbed of on the fork were the wheel been taken off and on.

crispy010 08-19-09 11:13 AM

If it's the original paint the factory may not have primed the frame correctly.

Having just repainted a frame I can tell that getting pain to stick to aluminum is f!@#ing difficult - 3 coats of primer, light sanding, 3 coats of paint, wet sanded, then clear coat and the %#$@ paint still chips.

Fortunately aluminum doesn't rust so it's not the end of the world.

dennisa 08-19-09 01:14 PM

Best practice to paint AL is powder coating or anodizing

Retro Grouch 08-19-09 01:41 PM

I'm told that aluminum requires a special, etching primer.

When I repainted my Raleigh Techium bike frame for my fixed gear I didn't know that and just used the same Rustolium primer that I always use. It came out OK and hasn't chipped yet. Maybe I just lucked out and maybe the chemicals that I used for stripping off the old paint etched the aluminum main tubes.

Bianchigirll 08-19-09 08:06 PM

while Aluminum does not 'rust' it does oxidize. when I was in the service we used to use something called zinc chromate primer on aircraft. I think that while you do need special primers the frame prep and how clean everything is can be just as important. are you orginal owner? how old is your trek?

BlazingPedals 08-19-09 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by dennisa (Post 9518741)
Best practice to paint AL is powder coating or anodizing

Low temp powder coating? Oven temps for the standard stuff are pretty high, and might affect the heat treating of the frame.

dennisa 08-20-09 11:29 AM

Not sure how they do it but there are services that offer powder coating for AL

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