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tadawdy 08-19-09 12:40 PM

New Bike Fit adjustments
So, I got a 59 cm Bianchi Via Nirone. Rode the 57 cm, but the cockpit was a bit cramped and had a ton of seatpost sticking out, so the 59 it was.

I am a few hairs over 6'0", with about a 35 inch inseam, and long arms to go along with those legs.

Previously, I had been riding a 25" Raleigh (about 62.5 cm), which was obviously too big given that I couldn't reach the hoods and had to ride in the drops all the time. I actually found that quite comfortable, doing rides of up to a century on it with no discomfort, though it was a little unwieldy. Essentially, I was riding in a position kind of like on a TT bike (maybe I should have gotten one of those?). Very forward and low, with a lot of weight on the bars.

Now, I feel odd in the neutral road position on my new bike, with the saddle at KOPS and the extended knee angle at 30 deg. I feel like moving my seat forward, which would put me ahead of KOPS. I know KOPS isn't the gospel truth or anything (though some, like Andy Pruitt, claim it is) but I feel a little awkward and less powerful in this position.

I hear about people who mash liking to be ahead of KOPS, but I like to spin a pretty quick cadence. According to popular thought, my style of riding should be optimized by being at or slightly behind KOPS.

How is KOPS affected by having really long femurs? Is it typical for someone like this to want to be ahead of KOPS? My kneecap sometimes feels weird when I am at or behind it.

I have noted my saddle position and moved it forward, to see how it goes today. I know bike fit is often a personal issue, but am I losing something by not sitting further back i.e. is there some biomechanical or other advantage to a certain posture? It just seems weird to prefer being so far forward, which isn't as balanced or natural, and I wonder whether I just need to get used to the neutral position or if my body just wants something else.

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