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meanwhile 08-20-09 02:02 PM

Finally a do-everything super tyre? Marathon Extreme?
Schwalbe have had huge kudos for the Marathon Supreme - comfortable, fast, grippy in the dry and wet, light, puncture proof, a road tyre that still manges well on bridlepaths and fireroads, long lasting - so I'm not rejecting their claims for its newer sister out of hand. The new(ish) tyre is the Marathon Extreme and it uses the same high tech materials as the Surpreme.

The Extreme has a grip pattern for offroad, but Marathon rate it just below the Supreme and Race and above road oriented Marathon Plus for speed. They give it their maximum rating for grip on and off road, and for winter use - although thank Cthulhu, they don't claim it is an ice tyre.

Take a look at the rating chart that compares it to other Schwalbes:

I can't find these in 700c in the UK. And the tyres I did find are pricey - 40 a tyre, which is more than I'd pay for a *pair* of excellent Conti Sport Contact slicks. However, the Extremes are also supposed to just as puncture proof as the Supremes and even more durable.

Has anyone tried these? Because if they are as good as Schwalbe claim, they're quite something. I'd be especially interested to find out what the cornering is like - do the square grip pattern, materials and grip rating mean that the Extreme doesn't suffer the classic problem of trail tyres of "walking" sideways as knobbly bits bend under tight cornering?

Nermal 08-20-09 11:24 PM

Sounds great, but I bet Schwalbe doesn't actually say puncture proof. That's up there with unsinkable ships and fire proof buildings.

Next time I'm in the market for a tire, I'll sure look it over, but. . . .

tatfiend 08-20-09 11:27 PM

Too few sizes for me. I have Schwalbe tires on 3 bikes and am happy with them so far.

meanwhile 08-21-09 01:41 AM


Originally Posted by Nermal (Post 9529489)
Sounds great, but I bet Schwalbe doesn't actually say puncture proof.

"*As* puncture proof" as the Supreme. My language, and as in their are degrees of proofness. Schwalbe rate both tyres as 5/5 for "protection" with an additional "++" for puncture protection. Given the Supreme's reputation that means a lot, I'd say.

They rate the XR for 4/5 for speed - a notch below the Supreme's 5/5, but above Plus's 3/5.

Nermal 08-21-09 04:24 PM

I concede your point. Schwalbe isn't known for hyperbola in their ratings. As I said, I will give it serious consideration as my next tire. I would much rather ride than sit around fixint flats.

c_m_shooter 08-21-09 05:38 PM

It is available in 700c x 40! I beleive this will be the next tire on my Cross Check. I just have to wear out these small block 8's first.

Nermal 08-21-09 08:24 PM

700c x 40!? That's for me. I only wish I could afford to switch before the old tires give out.

Zan 08-21-09 08:54 PM

I like the Racing Ralphs. good all around tire.

MilitantPotato 08-21-09 10:07 PM

It gets a 0 (meh) for rolling, and a + for weight, which is where the speed rating comes from. Bad rolling resistance but lighter weight compared to other schwalbe offerings. How they claim it's rolling resistance is on par with the XR HS 359 is unknown to me. I'm guessing people wouldn't be willing to pay 80 bucks for an offroad tire that is poor on roads, and not very aggressive for offroading. Also, it's only 67 TPI, which is really low for such an expensive tire, which is the same reason I stay away from the Supreme. It's too expensive and doesn't have all the attributes for a tire in that price range.

Puncture protection is mainly about tire thickness, the large amount of tire without tread leaves a lot of much thinner areas for nasties to get through, the ++ looks iffy. Marathon Plus is great for protecting flats because it's got enough rubber to stop a tack (if it sticks in the middle, atleast.)

The wet grip is nearly laughable, since that's determined by how soft the compound is, and the contact patch size.
Also, if it has a softer rubber, that would mean the tire isn't as durable, or at least as long lasting as a harder compound tire.

It looks like a conservative offroad tire with a name brand, for what that's worth. People pay far more for pants because of the brand name, I put tires like most of schwalbe's offerings in this category. I do like the Marathon 368's, and can see why people like the Pluses, even though they're over priced IMO.

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