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josh5555 08-21-09 09:05 PM

New Cyclist : Please help, need bike
I need to get a bike to ride to and from campus everyday. The ride is about 5 miles each way. The problem I have right now is that I am new and don't know very much about the different kinds of bikes. So if anyone could please give me advice on a good bike at a decent price that would be a huge help. I am looking to spend around $300. Also people have been telling me that a road bike wouldn't be able to handle the rough roads of Austin. Is this true?

Thanks a lot,


Panthers007 08-21-09 09:48 PM

I'd suggest a hybrid bicycle - that handle both pavement and dirt trails & gravel fine - and start looking in your local CraigsList. A good used bike sounds like it would fit the need perfectly.

RonH 08-22-09 07:32 AM

If you shop on craigslist, make sure the bike is the right size. Fit is the most important thing to consider when buying a bike - IMHO.

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