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MilitantPotato 08-24-09 10:07 PM

Anyone else having issues with Marathon 368 blow outs?
Received a set of 700x32C Marathon HS 368's in the mail from Every Bicycle Tire yesterday.
Went to put them on, expecting the same battle I had fitting 700x35's on my other bike, but nope.
They slid right on, way too easily. The bead won't seat properly. I've gone through four tubes now, trying to get these to mount securely. Managed to get one to seat for about 10 minutes, before it blew off sitting on the floor.

How loose are they? I can remove them without tire levers. They also pop off if I set them down without pressure in the tube.

I'm waiting to see if EBT will be willing to exchange them, their Customer Support has weird hours, but hopefully they'll work with me.

I'm using Velocity Fusion rims, and the Marathon 368 700x35C tires I bought last year seat, along with some Bontrager hard case lights.

Edit: As an update, EB Tire has been great about an exchange. I've got some Vittoria Randonneur on the way. I'm guessing I just got a bum set that got by quality control.

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