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mkwdrs 08-25-09 05:24 AM

HELP!!! Kickstand for '09 Spec Sirrus Elite
Just purchased a 2009 Specialized Sirrus Elite. The bike has carbon seat stays. It doesn't look like there is room for a kickstand in the normal place due to a cable and where the front of a rear fender would attach (not much room at all if any).

Also, the chain stay (not sure if I'm using the correct term) is curved versus straight, so not sure if one of those rear mount kick stands would work or not.

1) Can I attach a kickstand to my bike?
2) If so, what type/kind/model of kickstand would you suggest?

DieselDan 08-25-09 07:08 AM

No kickstands for road bikes. We will all laugh at you when you void that warranty.

Hask12 08-25-09 08:45 AM

Although kickstands are frowned upon for road bikes on this forum it doesn't mean you can't have one if you so desire. I would go back to the LBS where you purchased the bike and ask them.

Timber_8 08-25-09 09:18 AM


Originally Posted by Hask12 (Post 9553070)
Although kickstands are frowned upon for road bikes on this forum it doesn't mean you can't have one if you so desire. I would go back to the LBS where you purchased the bike and ask them.

Throwing you bike on the ground is a much better option :roflmao2:

Bheleu 08-25-09 02:05 PM

When it comes to kickstands I laugh at the scorn of others, the first thing I did when I got my 1977 Schwinn Volare was to put an aftermarket double legged kickstand on her. The kickstand has been nothing but money well spent. If I want to work on her, true a wheel, adjust a brake housing, swap out pedals, or just spin the front or rear wheel and listen to her purr I can. Unlike those who prefer to have others work on their bikes, I enjoy keeping mine in pristine running condition knowing my baby is safe on her double legged feet while I'm cleaning, lubbing, and admiring her sleek perfect form. Yeah, I got it bad - really bad. Fearful of causing her damage from those legs, her frame (and paint) are protected in a layer of gasket material (which also ensures the kickstand bolt is torqued tight and won't wobble loose). Any scratch or chip, she gets fresh touchup... go ahead and make fun of her two feet if you must, but the rest of her is a real bute, a real classic lady in red dressed in modern finery. On second thought, just make fun of me instead - she deserves no disrespect.

Bianchigirll 08-29-09 08:55 PM

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mkwdrs you need to get some heavy ruberbands. loop it around the water cage and then loop it over the valve stem. it will make you bikie rigid and keep it from rolling. see... keeps them nice and neat

MMACH 5 08-29-09 10:20 PM

Not sure how much of a hurry you're in. He's not going to start making more of these until October 1st.
If you can't wait, make your own with a collapsible, carbon tent pole and a PVC pipe T-joint.

mondaycurse 08-29-09 11:07 PM

FWIW, walls were invented to lean bikes against.

Siu Blue Wind 08-30-09 04:23 AM

I'd be careful with the pressure of a kickstand on carbon.

RonH 08-30-09 07:41 AM

Walls, benches, light poles, etc. all work quite well for "parking" a bike.
At work I used to lean my commuter bike against the corner of the desk.

gepilling 08-31-09 01:31 AM

If you want a kickstand but there isn't room for it where it would normally go, you can buy a rear-mounted kickstand that attaches at the very back of the frame like in this photo. Just ask your local bike shop and they should be able to help you find one. I don't see why a slightly curved chainstay would be a problem.

I have a Sirrus also, and although mine doesn't have a kickstand, the bike shop told me that that's the only kind that would fit if I wanted to have one due to the clearance in front of the rear tire where a normal kickstand would go.

Tapeworm21 08-31-09 02:17 AM

I've ridden for years... and never thought to myself, "I wish I had a kickstand." Lean it up against ANYTHING with the rear tire first, or hang it by the seat post over a branch. It isn't a big deal. Or just lay the damn thing down with the drive-side up. It's a machine, not an Ipod. Not a big deal if it scratches.

Bheleu 08-31-09 06:57 AM

Pletscher Double Legged with Rubber Gasket to protect the paint/frame.

Consider it giving you the option to NOT lean your bike up against a wall, someone's car, against a bridge, on the train tracks, or a condemed building awaiting demolition.

PaulRivers 09-07-09 03:47 PM

I put a kickstand on my 2008 Specialized Sequoia and I just love it - it's so nice to just flip it down and my bike stays put, rather than hoping my bike doesn't just slide off whatever I leaned it against. This is especially true when I have more weight on the bike.

However, I'm not sure what to suggest. Mine connects at the same point as the above pic - just in front of the back wheel. Maybe there really is enough space there for the kickstand + fenders, I might give it a shot. I would think if there's room on a Sequoia (a curly bar bike), there's gotta be room on a Sirrus.

To the other guy, the problem with this kind of kickstand:

Is that where it connects at the top is the rear seat stay - the part the OP said was carbon. Clamping to carbon is generally bad. Maybe the mechanic knows something I don't, but that's why that style of kickstand doesn't seem like it would work.

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