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corkscrew 08-25-09 10:19 AM

Insert cliche bike reccomendation thread here.
Ok all, I'm finally deciding that maybe I should buy a new bike for once.

The bikes main use would be commuting (all conditions), and ideally touring, even if it can't handle the same load as say, a long haul trucker.

Priorities -

Rack/Fender Mounts (with appropriate clearances)
Disc brakes (Would be my winter commuter, want the better wet braking)
Ideally a triple crank set (My knees hate hills on my double cranked road bike)
No carbon parts in the frame - carbon fork is ok.

Ideally it would be similar to a cyclocross bike geometry wise.

I really like my friends Lemond Poprad (shes upgraded to a triple 105 crank), but as well know those aren't available new anymore.

I like the look of the Salsa La Cruz - even though I'd need p-clips to mount a rack and it comes with a double crank.

Any other suggestions?

c_m_shooter 08-25-09 12:37 PM

There is a rumor that the Jamis Aurora Elite is geting disk brakes this year.

stapfam 08-25-09 01:51 PM

On the double crank- there are two versions. The normal or standard will have chainrings of 52/39 or somewhere near that- and then there is the compact crankset. This will have 50/34 chainrings and it is surprising how many of these are fitted to bikes.

First road bike I had was fitted with a triple of 52/42/30 and had a 12/26 8 spd gear cluster. That used to get me up the 15% hills round here but had to use the 30/26 for most of the steep parts. Second bike had a compact of 50/34 and a 12/27 10spd cluster. Did the same hills on that bike and I was just as shattered with the triple as I was with the compact. Only thing was that I was faster up the hills with the compact.

Unless you have a great number of very steep hills- then a compact may be a better choice. If not now- then in a few months time when you have got used to it.

And watch out for Carbon Forks. Some are so overbuilt that they might even be made out of solid resin.

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