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skol 08-26-09 10:00 AM

Other people out riding when your driving
how do you react when you see others riding while your stuck in the car? My reaction is usually first a smile then that leads to jealousy then guilt and anger for not being able to be on the bike. I also learn a lot from watching others riding styles, clothing choices etc. while driving by. Also you can experience how frustrating it can be for a driver when a group is riding 5 abreast oblivious to traffic behind.

nelson249 08-26-09 07:06 PM

I get jealous. Generally I try to watch their back as much as I can. For instance, on a two lane road with fast moving traffic I will slow right down prior to overtaking even if it pisses people off behind me and try to give the cyclists the entire lane. That way even vehicles two or three back will have to slow down too. I have also been known to use my car to run interference (when I can do so safely) when I think someone is about to pull a brain dead manoeuvre around cyclists.

sd_mike 08-26-09 07:26 PM

I see other cyclists out there, and it usually gives me ideas of more places to ride. I give them plenty of room when I pass, as I would expect if I were riding. Basically, I try not to do the things in a car that I find to be annoying if I were the rider.

Paratrooper 08-26-09 07:44 PM

I lay on the horn and shake my fist at them in a violent manner.


I typically check out what the roadies are riding and what gear they're using.

Zan 08-27-09 07:14 PM

i worry 'bout their wobbly butt going way out left unintentionally at the exact moment I attempt to pass.

dynodonn 08-27-09 10:11 PM

I have a little pang of guilt or jealousy, but since I'm very seldom behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and I spend more time riding my bike, the feeling doesn't last long.

I have yet to experience a pack of 5 abreast cyclists, and if I did, I just treat them as I would a slow moving tractor.

DX-MAN 08-27-09 10:39 PM

Hasn't come up lately...last car went to the boneyard in '05.

Rumpled 08-28-09 02:05 AM

I see cyclists all the time, Como ride almost every week as I go about my kid duties.
I see all kinds of things. I make room. Just last week right down the road I sat in the right lane with my blinker on to a shopping center entrance with a group about 100 yards back on the slight incline. I got an appreciative nod from the leader - he musta known that if I didn't do that the two cars behind me woulda right crossd em.
Tuesday I saw a guy in a full AN Post kit. Having just seen the ToI, I was curious where/how he got it - but traffic didn't lend to the asking very well.

cyclezealot 08-28-09 02:13 AM

It's rare I see more than 2 abreast.. But, considering the options here we have of rural roads virtually without traffic: I don't do it myself every once in awhile.. I do it only where I know traffic passes by only maybe every 10 minutes or more.. I see on coming cars in my mirror and move behind in advance of the cars arrival..
When I see a floc of cyclists, yes. I do feel jealous.. Auto travel is a low priority way to get about for this car lite family. Particularly when the skies are blue and the temperature perfect.
When I see a floc of cyclists I wonder what club they are a part of.. 2. Then I look at the bikes.. Litespeeds makes me feel lustful.

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