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IronMac 08-27-09 02:10 AM

Uh-oh...No More Rohloffs in US? How Long?
I just had a look over at the Sheldon Brown/Harris site for Rohloffs and there is a notice that Rohloffs are not being imported into the US. This would explain the hold-up with my Rohloff-equipped NWT from Bike Friday.

Anyone have more details on what's happening? Sorry if this has been posted before.

Ziemas 08-27-09 02:15 AM

You can always order one from Germany.

tatfiend 08-27-09 12:31 PM

SJS Cycles in England also lists lots of Rohloff hubs and accessories. This would explain why the Rohloff distributor has not answered phone calls from my LBS.

tatfiend 08-27-09 03:57 PM

I have emailed Rohloff Germany to see what I can find out. I will pass on any reply I receive.

tatfiend 08-27-09 07:55 PM

I have been doing some additional checking and the Rohloff Germany web site lists new distributors for the USA compared to when I last checked, at the time I bought my Rohloff equipped bike.

The new location for Rohloff USA is the same physical address as Cycle Monkey in Oakland, CA. QBP is also now listed as an official distributor per the Rohloff web site. I have emailed Cycle Monkey too to see what I can find out.

tatfiend 08-28-09 12:52 AM

Per emails received from both Rohloff AG and Cycle Monkey here is the Rohloff USA current status.

QBP is now the Rohloff hubs and support items distributor for the USA. Rohloff is preparing a major shipment to them so items should be available again shortly.

Cycle Monkey in Oakland, CA is the official warranty service and repair facility for Rohloff hubs in the USA. They also did this work for the original distributor and do work on hubs that are out of warranty.

IronMac 08-29-09 05:46 AM

Great work, tatfiend! Thanks. :)

tatfiend 08-29-09 08:03 AM

Neil at Cycle Monkey has told me in an email he will be happy to provide technical support for Rohloff hubs. He should be reachable at (510) 868-1777 or via email at info at

IronMac 09-18-09 02:46 AM

Just a small update - I think that Bike Friday got nervous about having my bike ready before Oct. 2nd and ordered one from overseas. When I called this morning they said that they think that the Rohloff hub is now in customs which I take to mean that it's not US-sourced. A couple of weeks ago, QBP indicated that new hubs won't arrive until middle of October.

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