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Alrocket 07-14-04 12:08 PM

Baggies shorts for 5'7 guy
I'm looking for recommendations for baggy (MTB style) shorts. I'm 5'7, and find most are way too long for me. 33-34" waist, leaves me in the top of the Medium or bottom of the Large section (in Europe anyway). I like baggy style but don't want them huge (pity smalls usually have too small waist and legs).

demoncyclist 07-14-04 12:35 PM

You may have to go with bike shorts that fit and a separate pair of cargo shorts over them. Or simply find a place that will shorten the baggies for you. SHouldn't be too expensive at the local tailor shop.

Alrocket 07-14-04 04:18 PM

It's possible, but as last resort.

Anyone know of appropriate shorts that don't need hacking?

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