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timothy002 09-14-09 04:54 AM

What about this bike hoist?
Got a new bike this month, but haven't enough space for it, when i search online, i find this bike hoist, anyone here familiar with it, what do you think? not expensive but useful?

10 Wheels 09-14-09 05:01 AM

My neighbor has one in his garage.

Glynis27 09-14-09 09:08 AM

I have 2 of them. Work well for me.

DonFrambach 09-14-09 11:04 AM

I have two of these also. They work well. They have a real nice ratcheting mechanism so that the bikes automatically lock up at the top but, by pulling from an angle, the ratchet is released the the bike easily lowered. You'll be pleased with your purchase.

Megiddo 09-14-09 11:38 AM

I have one and it works great. Be careful on your first few lifts. My rope came with a bad spot (looks like it was melted through) and broke with the bike a few feet in the air. Could have been worse.

Wanderer 09-14-09 11:43 AM

I have a few - and they allow my wife, or Grandkids, to get the bikes off the ceiling....... a new, thicker, heavier duty, rope, really helps.

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