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bmw5nkj 09-17-09 12:24 AM

Would you still ride this wheel?
long story short, i was going home from downtown on my 'cross bike. this high school kid was riding on the bike path on the wrong lane. it was during a turn when i crashed into him and he got hurt, i didn't. but my brake lever broke and the front wheel went slightly untrue and was punctured. i trued it up and put on a new tube, but then i found this:

the chip is about 5mm deep. would you think it's still structurally strong enough for riding?

p/s: the kid was on an old peugeot and told me he was on the correct lane. last time i checked, opposing traffic is on the left side. i asked the kid for compensation, but he just biked off. bastard.

Amoxicillin 09-17-09 01:59 AM

Bastard, I second that...

Try to smooth it out as good as you can when you want to keep on riding it. Make sure nothing protrudes upward and sideways to not increase the brakepad wear nor the tire damage. The inside of the rim, where the tire seats, should be flawless. Otherwise I would change it right away.
If the rim already has many many miles (more than 5000 or so), I'd change it.

dit 09-17-09 05:38 PM

If it were my wheel I would remove the tire and using a small fine toothed hand file smooth out the damaged area. This should be done carefully and slowly. Remove all sharp areas that are positive or negative. If you can't get to the negative areas with a hand file then revert to a Dremal but be very careful and not remove any more material than absolutely needed to remove any sharp area. The sharp corners are your enemy and known as stress risers.

jefferee 09-17-09 05:41 PM

How much dental insurance coverage do you have?

DX-MAN 09-17-09 06:49 PM

what dit said.

That rim doesn't look old; I'd keep riding it. I've gotten two years out of worse.

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