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Bheleu 09-18-09 12:04 PM

Making your own handlebar grip tape.
I admit it, I've had a few weeks of postponement getting everything I needed done and on order with a ride coming up tomorrow of which I want to introduce my nephew into cycling on - he's in ROTC so he's fit just doesn't have a good bike of his own (that I'm not even sure will happen due to a good chance of rain & thunderstorms). I still need to break the chain loose with some WD-40 then hit it with some chainsaw oil on an old bike that I want my nephew to ride on 70's era Motobecane Mixte Road Bike, as well as clean and regrease the two wheels. Regreasing the bottom bracket is not going to happen (never done that before, and don't have the time nor the tools to learn now). This past week's been a PITA due to kids being sick, and dealing with other issues (so kept postponing work on the old bike). I've got a lot of the fluff stuff cleaned up (headset is cleaned and greased, most of the chrome has been polished up again, etc).

No time to go to a cycling shop to pickup handlebar tape, but did make it into harbor freight for some synthetic silicon grease, spotted a rubber liner made for toolboxes for only $2, and decided this would be a good temp solution to my time crunch of not being able to make it into a LBS for the real thing. I have some poster tape at home (double sided thin sticky tape) I can use to get the rubber foam started. We're only doing 35 miles, so if the weather holds and I can get the front and wheel hub apart and greased in time tonight (along with my packing, with a good nights rest) we'll be good to go.

Has anyone else here made their own handlebar grip tape, or do you think the rubber material will suffice for a ride or two? I have an extra set of gloves he can use (so I think padding itself won't be a big issue). I really like the Arundel Gecko Grip tape, so this is just a temp solution till I can get some on hand. Hopefully I can get it all together, the weather will hold, and we'll have a good ride. The last thing I want is this to be a bad experience and turn him off of cycling altogether.

Thoughts and opinions on risking riding in rainy day weather with a 17 year old, fairly new to a 35 mile ride, or if I'll be able to get it all done in time. No other decent group rides scheduled in our area for a while (sag support, etc), this is one I was/am really looking forward to being on.

P.S. Once I'm done with it, the Mixte frame will prob be going to stay at their house so him and his sister have a bike they can both ride - they are the oldest and neither have a decent bike of their own (my sister has 1 Girl, 4 Boys, and one on the way - so the only way any of them has a good bike to ride is through me, the little kids already have bikes a plenty that she had plus some decent ones I've picked up from thrift stores and some I've spotted out for garbage pickup).

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